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Harry's Gym, Perth, Australia

Craig Christian at a glance

Name: Craig Christian
Date of Birth:  October 6, 1964 

Wife's name:  Stella Christian
hild's name:  Tigarbilly

Craig Christian was never competed as a boxer, but the background of a hobby as well as an extensive relationship in the international boxing world, brought into the world of boxing. Set out as a matchmaker and boxing promoter Craig Christian tried to increase its role in the boxing world by establishing the Harrys's Gym in Perth, Australia.  

Accompanied by his knowledge of boxing is indeed vast, plus nutritional science he had learned self-taught, is a plus Craig Christian, also known as a former athlete MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, which is a kind of freestyle battles UFC or K-1).

 Indonesian boxer Chris John joined the gym Harry's Gym in early 2005 after parting with his old coach Sutan Rambing because of disputes about the division of a fee.  

As of April 2007 , Chris John has defended his title many times under coach Craig Christian, John and Chris delivered many positive sides of Christian profesional coaching methods, has a fully equipped gym, a method and an excellent training program , attention to the boxer who is very large, highly transparent financial problems, etc..

Craig is also known as Christian leaders in the sport of boxing reform, both in Australia and Indonesia. One opinion is an ancient system of coaching, which is widely used in Australia and Indonesia, that the coach just gives a little water on a boxer to maintain her weight. The method is actually not used, and he was 'forced' Chris John drank at least 6 liters of water every day. Christian dehydration problem is suspected as the cause of death of a boxer in the ring that is rife in Indonesia.

As a foreign coach to handle Chris John, many of the narrow-minded or have a specific motive, tried to influence Chris John to break away from Craig Christian, but because Chris John himself had felt that Christian Craig is a coach and manager of the best and most suitable to him, Chris John did not heed it, and decided to remain joined Harry's Gym's Craig Christian.  

Proven on February 29, 2012 
Chris John was awarded the Life Time Achievement WBA.Since in practice by Craig Christian proved a good achievement but also the standard of living and income of Chris John has increased dramatically. Until now only Chris John is the one - the only world champion from Indonesia's longest (9 years) and one - the only boxer Indonesia paid over 100.000 U$D since the sport of boxing known in Indonesia.  

It is appropriate we give appreciation and tribute to Craig Christian who would give hope of advancement of the sport of boxing and a better future for the athletes - athletes boxing in Indonesia
 Harrys Gym under the management of the business as a boxer Chris John had a large income from advertising and sponsorships.

who trained under the management of Harrys Gym have health insurance and a good future, prove to Chris John Craig taught to be frugal and save money and prepare for retirement at age fairly good health in old age Chris John

Lots of
love and grief are also faced obstacles to advancing the world of boxing Craig Indonesia, let us pray for Craig Christian has always succeeded in his efforts to promote boxing in Indonesia

One of
the injured boxer Indonesia because of the game and did not receive allowances from the government but by Craig in the building and in karyakan is Joey de Ricardo, a young promoter of national Erick Irawan also admitted that the ancients had ever received debriefing and lessons from Craig Christian.

or not a proven fact that Craig Christian is more than worth bestowed as the Father of Boxing in Indonesia

 Craig Christian Career in Boxing
Set up a gym Harry's Gym, February 2003, and now one of the most famous gym in Australia.
Manager for boxer Chris John, David Jordan, Daniel Dawson, Ben Cruz, Naouffel Ben Rabah, Gairy St Clair, William Kickett, Ryan Langham, and Roger Izonritei (heavyweight boxer from Nigeria)  Also trained Daudy Bahari, and Mike Arnaoutis.

In addition to scoring as world champion Chris Dragon John (CDJ) of Indonesia I'm pretty sure Daud Cino Jordan (DCJ) will also be a new boxing world champion Chris John of Indonesia accompany.

With 250 million inhabitants of Indonesia are actually quite a lot of seeds - seeds that have been world champion I see it, but it is in the pity we lack the Christian Craig - Craig Christian in Indonesia

Maybe just a dream for me to imagine there are some Harrys Gym boxing gym in several regions in Indonesia in cooperation with employers and governments to educate and promote the future of a potential champion - world champion from Indonesia

Our salute to The Father of Professional Boxing Indonesia called "Craig Christian"

Authors:  Hanny Kristianto (local youth leader in Kutai, East Kalimantan)

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